The All-New Echo Dot (4th Generation) Alexa Smart Speaker

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Echo Dot 4th Generation is a smart home starting point and the newest addition to the Alexa Family.

Purchased from Amazon the 4th Gen starts at £49.99 and like other Alexa Devices, with the right timing, you may find a special offer if you click on any of the links in this blog post or on this website.

As an example, if you have one light in a room, you can setup a smart home device in your home for a lot cheaper than you might think, depending on the way you want to setup your home installation.

You could buy an Amazon Echo 4th Gen at £49.99 with Bayonet Fitting Wifi Bulb at £11.98 and you are good to go, you have setup your voice activated smart home for as little as £61.97 in one room.

Alternatively you could buy an Amazon Echo 4th Gen at £49.99 using 1 x Wifi Plug at £19.99 and with this option you have setup your voice activated smart home for as little as £69.98 in one room.

If you are going with any of the above options, it usually works out cheaper to go with a multipack of Wifi Bulbs or Wifi Plugs to save money and have a spare for your next installation of Alexa devices.

Everyone’s tastes and choices are individual and you may prefer colour changing wifi bulbs to create scenes or you may prefer using wifi plug sockets with lamps and keep your existing bulbs the same.

It is important to bear in mind one of the benefits of Wifi Bulbs are that they change colour, but it is also important to note that not all wifi bulbs change colour so make sure you check before buying.

Alexa smart home devices are about convenience, functions, design and of course compatibility. All you need is a wifi connection with an Amazon account to enjoy the benefits of an Alexa smart home.

Wifi Bulbs may seem more expensive to traditional light bulbs or LED bulbs, but they are a sound investment because they last longer and save money on bills by being the best energy efficiency.

If you want to find out more information on the setup and configuration of any Amazon Alexa Smart Home Devices please feel free to send us a message and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Prices are correct at the time of publishing Oct 24, 2020. Please see below or Click Here for options on all Alexa Smart Home Hubs. Click Here to Browse Wifi Bulbs and Click Here to Browse Wifi Plugs.